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Cikoleangkak waterfall is the last waterfall, this waterfall is above the waterfall and waterfall Cikarapyak Cipanundaan, to reach this waterfall Courage need Stamina and penetrated Forest Wilderness.
Cikoleangkak trip to the waterfall is quite stressful, we will cross Forest Wilderness which may be touched by a human finger in a matter of padas menibir cliffs and steep rocks and deep chasm, climbing the heights by simply holding on to roots or stones that stand out, bypass the bush, tracing large rocky rivers and dozens of small waterfall with a Relief and a unique motif may be a rare find in other regions in Indonesia.
Curug Cikoleangkak travel is only for people - people who really - really the True Nature lovers and for those of you that spur natural search tantangna Adrenaline. Location waterfall located Cikoleangkak Kutamaneuh Village, District Tegalwaru 42 km from the capital city of Khanewal district.


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