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Cikarapyak waterfall above the waterfall Cipanundaan, the journey is very difficult because only a rocky path down the river, menibir climbing up and down, bypass the bush and forest groves. The trip to this waterfall despite heavy, we will cross the Panorama Nature is very charming, beautiful, natural, and many small waterfalls berelif unique and can not exist on the river similar in some other areas in Indonesia.
Curug Cikarapyak travel is only for people - people who really - really love the challenge of Nature and Natural search Adventurers who want to enjoy the atmosphere of forests with diverse flora and fauna of the original. Location Cikarapyak waterfall located in the Village Kutamaneuh, Tegalwaru District, 42 km from the capital city of Khanewal district.
source: Disbudpar Karawang


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