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If you are bored with the existing tourist attraction over the years, especially the artificial tourist attraction built by entrepreneurs, it would not hurt you to try this one natural attractions are located in the district of Purwakarta. Very natural sights is a water tour with waterfall (waterfall) as an icon tourism, tourist spot is named waterfall Cipurut included into the territory of the township administration Wanayasa.
Accommodation to the waterfall Cipurut
Cipurut waterfall can be reached from Purwakarta, so if you use a toll road Cipularang you can get out at the door or Toll Sadang Jatiluhur / Ciganea, after entering the town of Purwakarta, you take direction to Wanayasa, lane Purwakarta - Wanayasa is approximately 25 kilometers by road conditions relatively good but somewhat narrow, the condition of this segment is characterized by plateaus so many derivatives and climbs and twists, but certainly not boring because a lot of sights that can be seen as well as many places especially tempting culinary maranggi satay, before entering any city Wanayasa you will be pampered with a view Situ Wanayasa, located right on the roadside in situ areas (lakes) this you can relax while tasting food at the stalls in the area where, after passing it up in your new Wanayasa.
From Wanayasa you take the direction to the District Bojong, about 300-500 meters you will arrive at the T-junction leading towards the village Sumurugul, take a left and go into the village street Sumurugul. The road condition is half paved and half gravel roads, so it is recommended that you use the vehicle is not recommended to use MPV and sedan type vehicles. From the fork in the main street until the end of the road closest to the waterfall Cipurut which is about 1.5 km, tip of the village street parking there are two sites that can accommodate approximately 7 vehicles, while for two-wheeled vehicle parking is relatively much as it can in the yard of the population use local parking ticket which is managed by the youth is not defined for certain vehicles depending on the desires of the general range between Rp. 1000, - - Rp. 2.000, - for two-wheeled vehicles and the range of Rp. 2.000, - 5.000, - 10.000, - for four-wheel vehicle.
For tourists who do not use their own vehicle, there are other alternatives to this location is to save a public vehicle, from Purwakarta (Terminal interchange) to Wanayasa there are some alternatives you can use the rural and freight transportation between districts, if you want a faster travel time you should use a mini bus vehicles (elves), both types of mode of transport rates are relatively the same public that is around Rp. 5.000, -, from Terminal Wanayasa you can use with the goal of rural transport Bojong / Palm stopped at the gate of the village of Sumurugul a rate of about Rp. 2000, -, from the gate to the waterfall Cipurut you can use a motorcycle taxi fares range of Rp. 10.000, -.
From the deadline for the vehicle, proceed by foot through the tea garden path with the distance of about 500 meters or about 15 minutes drive of adults and 30 minutes journey kids, we arrived at the gate Cipurut waterfall, with the entrance ticket Rp. 3.000, - per person.
We recommend that if you visit the waterfall Cipurut at holiday time, but the day is usually a relatively quiet location so that no officer on guard as well as merchants who opened his business. Merchants there most of the peddling snacks and drinks or boiled noodles, so if you want to eat the rice should be brought from home or restaurant along the road-Wanayasa Purwakarta.
Potential Curug Cipurut
Generally Cipurut waterfall into the Nature Reserve of Mount Burangrang so that the management is still done by the Natural Resources Conservation Center Jabar I with field operations assisted by the Village and Village Sumurugul Wanayasa.
Waterfall conditions are generally divided into three sections: the main waterfall located at the edge of the cliff with a height of ± 25 m, as well as two other, more gently sloping waterfall that is usually used by visitors as a slide, with water that is relatively fresh and cold is perfect to eliminate fatigue in work and hustle and bustle of big cities.
Location Cipurut waterfall is also very suitable for young children camping site, adventure tourism, water tourism and tea walk course (slides), so if you have the spirit of adventure and love of the natural environment will not hurt you to visit the waterfall in the District Cipurut Purwakarta.
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