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In the middle of the plaza there Sumedang City Monument monument called Linga. Astronomically located at coordinates 06 ° 51'11 "latitude and 107 º 55'19" longitude. The square is not unlike the garden in the middle of town. If in the past the square of the field is overgrown rumpu and banyan trees around him, Sumedang town square is a rectangle berdenah area and equipped with large trees, chairs, and a blank area. All around there are several important buildings, including pavilion complex Sumedang District in the south, the Great Mosque Sumedang in the west, a prison in the east, and the Parliament Building to the north.
This monument is a memorial dedicated to commemorate the services Sumedang Regent PA Suriatmaja who died during the pilgrimage and was buried in Mecca. Therefore, died in Mecca, he is also called the Prince of Mecca. His services for Sumedang among others in the field of religious, educational, and social.
Linga is a permanent monument building has a square base with a length of each side about 10 m which is equipped with a number of steps to go up and fenced. The upper part of the basic rectangular form of terraced buildings, followed by semi-circular building, then followed by a rectangular building, and at the top there is a round-shaped building. In the square below this sphere there are inskrispi on all four sides. On the west side there is the inscription lettered cacarakan (letters Java), on the north side there is a Latin inscription lettered in Malay, the east side there cacarakan lettered inscription, and on the south side there is a Latin inscription lettered Sundanese language.

Location: In the middle of Town Square Sumedang
Coordinates: 06 ° 51'11 "S, 107 º 55'19" E
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