Ceremony to the Tomb Karomah

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Pilgrimage to the tomb karomah held on every Saturday. Guests who come to have an intention pilgrimage, came to Hamlet on Friday or the day before. For guests who come in the days before Saturday; like Wednesday, Thursday, or Friday will have to wait until Saturday, especially guests from far away or outside the province of West Java. While guests are sometimes coming close on Saturday morning at the time of pilgrimage. Hamlet Village Sedatangnya to direct guests to the house to tell the intent kedatannganya Kuncen, the remaining guests who stay at home Kuncen there, but sometimes there is also the nearest public house since the house Kuncen not accommodated.
All guests who come to eat because Kuncen treated to an obligation Kuncen. At night guests in the house are given an explanation Kuncen Karomah origins, the village of Hamlet, and customs that exist in the village of Hamlet, and then forwarded by reading salawat.
On Saturday morning, all who will gather at the home Kuncen pilgrimage, especially guests who come from outside who want to carry out the pilgrimage, which is not accommodated in the home Kuncen Kuncen waiting in the yard while listening to the explanations of Kuncen. At that time Kuncen give an explanation in terms of performing the pilgrimage, pilgrimage etc. all of which will be treated to eat first.
After dinner the guests went to shower Saints to carry out a large bath, led by deputy Kuncen.Tempat big bath is separated between men and women. After a great bath wearing clothing that is required for the pilgrimage, namely:
a.Laki men wearing:
Takwa-Shirt Black (plain)
Gloves-plain (not batik)
-Not wearing panties
b.Perempuan wear:
Kebaya plain-
Gloves-plain (not plain)
Veil plain-
Everything should not be wearing jewelry or carrying electronic items.
After the shower large, approximately at 10.00 all of which will carry out the pilgrimage to wait outside the cemetery fence, and asked by a representative Kuncen, who would direct the pilgrimage, who want to help fix, because in this pilgrimage group there are two groups, one would first direct pilgrimage, a second group who want to come clean, clean environment is also improving tomb cemetery fences.
Preceded by a pilgrimage led by the Kuncen, onward to the stricken area Kuncen tomb. Praying before the diaminkan by all pilgrims. When he finished praying, just stepping into the grave with a fence accompanied by all the pilgrims. In the first phase of the group separated, first by a representative who will assist Kuncen given the task:
-There are given the task of taking bamboo to repair the cemetery fence
-There are given the task of sweeping clean the graves
-There are given the task of repairing the water line that is in the tomb
-There are given the task of repairing a fence
The group wants to direct a pilgrimage led by Kuncen for carrying out the implementation of the pilgrimage, namely:
-In the first stage of the pilgrimage all are welcome to sit (squat) on rock, then Kuncen lead prayer. After the wrong prayer group began a pilgrimage to the second stage
-In the second stage together with the first phase, the group sits back, Kuncen memimin prayer, prayer group right after the third ketahap forward, so the next until the fifth ketahap.
Of the five group-stage forward again directly to the Tomb of Sheikh H. Abdul Jalil.
At the Tomb of Sheikh H. Abdul Jalil, here Kuncen long enough to pray, recite special prayers of the saints, especially the guardian at the Tomb of the KH Hamlet Village. Sheikh H. Abdul Jalil. After the right to pray at the Tomb of Sheikh H. Abdul Jalil, Grandmother continued to pray at the Tomb of Hasan and Husain, with continued praying in the Tomb-graves, ie graves and tombs Kuncen elder Hamlet.
After the pilgrimage goes wrong, the group returned from the tomb, but sometimes there are some pilgrims who did not come together because there is still a special prayer intentions of each pilgrim. After everything settled pilgrimage out of the tomb and home again Kuncen. At home Kuncen provided water and food. Guests relax while enjoying a snack potluck.
(Contributors: David H. Mokhamad Komar)

Sources: Disbudpar Kabupaten Garut

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